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Global Funding: Financial Technology Within Reach

Global Funding is always at your service to meet your financial needs . Whether you want to learn more about our lines of credit or just have a general question, we can help!

Get Instant Business Loans funded in 48 hours.

Global funding- Instant loans in 48 hours

Our Mission

At Global Funding, businesses are at the top priority of what we do. We strive to strengthen businesses with equal opportunity to obtain fast working capital when they need it.

Located in Sunny Florida, Global Funding has been providing quality service for over 10 years and our Financial Solutions for Businesses are available throughout the United States and Canada!

We provide alternative financing options to business owners who need fast working capital and don’t want to deal with the hassle of working with banks directly. The bank loan process requires physical collateral and can usually take anywhere from 2-3 months with most banks denying clients in final decision making. This can cost business owners time and money, putting most in financial burdens.

Our leading technology and ability to instantly connect business owners with funding options, provides simplicity and efficiency from start to funded.