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Business Loan Consolidation

A Business Consolidation loan allows you to combine several business debts generally with more favorable terms than you had before. Instead of juggling multiple payments, you can manage a single payment. Plus, you might be able to lower your monthly payment and save money on interest.​

Consolidating multiple business loans into one can help you restructure the terms providing you additional time.

Benefits of Business Loan Consolidation

  • Fixed interest – Business loan consolidation may come at lower fixed interest rates.
  • Simplify Repayment – Consolidation rolls multiple debts into one. The consolidation of loans minimizes the chance of default
  • Could improve your business credit

Moreover, if your business is experiencing difficulties due to an emergency such as COVID-19, consolidating loans can help decrease your monthly repayment amount improving cashflow for the business when its needed most.

Our experts at Global Funding can help you Consolidate at the most affordable processing rates.

Longer repayment Period

Lower Interest Rates

Flexible Repayment options