Privacy Policy

At Global Funding, we take the privacy of our clients and website visitors very seriously and take our best measures to protect their interests and data.

By filling the contact form/loan application form(s) at our website, visitor authorize each of the listed business and business owner/officer (individually and collectively, “you”) Global Funding and each of its representatives, successors, assigns and designees (“Recipients”) that may be involved with or acquire commercial loans having daily repayment features or purchases of future receivables including Merchant Cash Advance transactions, including without limitation the application therefore (collectively, “Transactions”) to obtain consumer or personal, business and investigative reports and other information about you, including credit card processor statements and bank statements, from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, and from other credit bureaus, banks, creditors and other third parties. Form submitter also authorize Global Funding to transmit this application form, along with any of the foregoing information obtained in connection with this application, to any or all of the Recipients for the foregoing purposes. Form submitter also consent to the release, by any creditor or financial institution, of any information relating to any of you, to Global Funding and to each of the Recipients, on its own behalf.

We collect the following data and analytics from our website visitors.

  1. Data like visitor’s browser, visitor’s device type ( mobile, desktop or tablet ), visitor’s average session duration, bounce rate and other data is recorded using Google Analytics tool. This data is used by our Digital Marketing team purely to improve our website’s digital presence and is not shared with or sold to any third party.
  2. Personal details like Email, Phone no. etc. is collected from people who fill our “Request a Loan/ Contact us” type forms at our website. Please note, when you fill personal contact information like Phone number and Email at our website’s contact forms or request a loan form, you give our team at Global Funding full permissions to call and text you back at those phone number or email you without any extra prior access.
  3. We also use a ssl certificate to ensure secure encrypted connections between our client’s browser and our servers.
  4. We don’t serve any type of ads at our website. Also, we don’t ask for any personal information like credit card number, pin or otp etc. at our website nor any of our representatives will call you or email you for any such information.

No personal notifications will be sent to any visitor or viewer regarding any updates to this privacy policy.